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Kingfisher Greenhouse 2.04 m x 1.29 m

The Kingfisher Greenhouse is our 203.5cm (6'8) wide, single door model which is available in a number of lengths. This is an extremely popular model for most gardens.

All the tongued and grooved boards are fixed with stainless steel nails

Key measurements for the Kingfisher Greenhouse

Width : 2.04 m

Depth : 1.29 m

Ridge Height : 2.37 m

Kingfisher Greenhouse 2.04 m x 1.29 m
Kingfisher Greenhouse
Prices and options for this greenhouse

£  price

Price includes Installation, Delivery and VAT

Extra Staging: £53
High Level Shelf: £27
Gutter System: £127

£  price of options

£  total including VAT

*Includes delivery (normally within 2 weeks) for our greenhouses to most of Mainland UK

There is an additonal charge of £195 North of Central Scotland or South West of Exeter. Please contact us if you are in these areas.

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